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Gov. Rendell Reaches Out to Pa. Chrysler Dealerships

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Governor Rendell is triumph out to Chrysler dealers looking to make the conversion from new car sellers to used car dealers.

Pennsylvania was hit hardest by the modern decision by Chrysler to terminate new car dealers, with 53 dealers cut loose. Basil Merenda, the commissioner for the state Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, says Governor Rendell has prepared the bureau and the vehicle board that licenses dealers to accelerate the process of licensing dealers who formerly sold new Chryslers to be used car dealers:

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“He also wanted us to cut during red tape for the dealers with PennDot and the Department of Banking, which also issues licenses and authorizations to these dealers.”

Merenda says hopefully, a process that can take some months can be shortened to a few weeks so that there’s no break. The commissioner says the administration also wants to help terminated GM dealers too, but notes that GM is taking a “kinder” approach to its terminated dealers.