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Secrets to Keep Your Vehicle Looking like a New One

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

People are very much elated to hear words of praise for the look of their cars. They will be terribly deflated when any adverse remark is spelt out by others about the car’s upkeep & maintenance. This is a global emotion. Not only the aesthetic sense of beauty that dominates such opinions, but the resale value of the car too counts a lot. If the car is maintained neat & tidy, sleek & stylish, the monetary equivalent of the car also shoots up. But, generally cars are not maintained in proper fashion, in spite of utmost care & concentration. Scratches & stains, bird droppings, tar from roads, dust from construction, sun damage, acid rain, children’s pranks, neighbor’s attitudes – there are many factors which spoil the look of the car. The following tips & hints will be very much useful in keeping your car intact. Bird droppings & tar spots cannot be easily removed from the paint & chrome of the car. Bird droppings are acidic & require different efforts. Soap & water will remove most bird droppings. A wet, bunched-up paper towel, if placed on the stain for a few minutes will wipe away the stain. Under normal conditions, paint will come off on older cars if it is scratched. A special spray can remove tar stains.

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Sun damage will decrease the shine of the car’s paint. A car polish can be used to avoid this. In tough cases, bad oxidation, rubbing compound can also be used. Car polish & rubbing compound are available in liquid form or paste form. They can be applied on the spot in circular fashion. After sometime, it is buffed off with a clean towel. Wash your car first thoroughly. Special car cleaning solutions are available in the market. Later, a particular car wax or car polish can be employed. Synthetic car polishes will have durable effects. Wax is more preferable.

Applications of two coats of car polish & later two coats of a carnauba wax will create wonders & your car will have a showroom shine. Nicks & dings together spoil the show. They happen in the parking lots. Body shops demand $300 to $500 just to set right a ding or nick. A dent removal expert will serve the purpose. Dent wizard is the best & the cheapest one. The expense will be barely $30 or maximum $90. To set right a nick, a touch up paint and a tooth pick can be used. A small container of touch up paint will cost only $10. Brush has to be avoided. A toothpick is the most suitable instrument to fix a nick.

Headlight restoration & cleaning deserve much importance. Institute for Highway Safety emphasizes that more than 80% of the vehicles on the road have inefficient, worn-out, cloudy & improperly-aimed headlights which are responsible for most of the highway accidents. You run a risk if you drive with opaque lenses without sufficient light output. Your vision gets reduced. Other cars coming in the opposite direction cannot see you with dim lights.

Headlight restoration & cleaning kit available in the market, made by is a powerful one. This has proven effective. The expenses will be very much minimal. Your night time drive will be safe with this kit.

These are the ultimates in car maintenance to ensure style, looks, safety, and performance & more so with less expenditure. Now, the door is kept open for you with all these useful tips.