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1 in 101 possibility of car accident

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

The probability of being in a car accident in South Africa is an astonishing one in 101 the Automobile Association of SA said on Friday. Receiving into our cars each morning remains one of the most dangerous activities we do on a daily basis. In other parts of the world chances ranged from 1 in 5000.

The joyful season was stark proof of the risk people taken receiving at the back the wheel every morning. The festive season was stark proof of the risk people took getting behind the wheel every morning. A total of 1050 citizens, 276 drivers, 419 passengers and 355 pedestrians – were killed on South African roads for the period of December.

“Yet this information seems to be making an irrelevant dent in shifting road user behavior in South Africa… One of the most important attitudes we need to change is the one of shirking all task when it comes to criminal road behavior,” Ronald said.

“More often than not, citizens who are involved in an accident are reluctant to claim that it was their fault, for whatever reason. They blame the government, the department of transport, the mayhem of the current infrastructure upgrades or, for want of something better, the other driver.”

He said drunk driving, unroadworthy vehicles and pay no attention to of the law needed to be eradicated from road behavior, “opening from the moment we get into our cars tomorrow morning”.