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Interesting Facts About Cars

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

. Top fuel dragsters accelerate around 5g from standing start and the nitromethane injection produces around 6000 BHP.

. The best ever time for removing a car engine, and replacing it in 42 seconds for a Ford Escort, on 21st November 1985.

. An airbag moves up to 4500 mph in one second when it is triggered. A force of 200g is generated and they are designed to burst out at an impact speed of 19 mph. The bag inflates in 40 milliseconds of a crash.

. The Ferrari Formula 1 team is unique in the reality that it produces both chassis as well as engines for its cars.

. Each day Ferrari makes a maximum of 14 cars.

. There were barely 107 models of the Ford GT40 made of which only seven were road cars.

. The Worlds longest traffic hold-up was 110 miles long, among Paris and Lyon on the French Auto route in the year 1980. A more recent competitor for the title was a 100 mile long traffic Jam, close to Hamburg in Germany in 1993.

. The first know automobile was built in the year 1668 and it was a two foot long steam powered model constructed by Ferdinand Verbiest who is a Belgian Jesuit preist.

. Luxembourg has the most crowded roads in Europe with Five hundred and seventy (570) cars per thousand (1,000) people.

. The very first car race ever seen in the United States was held in Chicago in the year 1895 and the track ran from Chicago to Evanston. The winner was J. Frank Duryea and his average speed was 71.5 miles per hour (mph).

. During 1924 a Ford car cost $265.

. The very first auto insurance policy is purchased in Westfield, MA, in the year 1897.