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The New Veloster Turbo 2013 Car from Hyundai

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


The Veloster does not have the performance cred to back up its fantastic looks. But that will change once this 201-hp edition strikes the roads. The 45 percent increase in horse power has most people taking a second look at the Hyundai Veloster, and expecting this Turbo compresseur is a indication that Vehicles is getting as serious about performance as it has been about high quality over the last few years.New changes consist of a retooled internal with sport seats and a lot of conventional functions, a new more-aggressive grill and an eye-catching aerodynamic kit that changes up the debris to go with all that new-found chew.

So far, though, symptoms stay cloudy—the stonking 1.6-liter engine with four-cylinder with the inclusion of a twin-scroll turbo charger, increasing outcome to 201 horse power and 195 lb-ft. of twisting, or healthy improves of 57 horse and 72 lb-ft. This places the Turbo compresseur directly in Social Si and VW GTI area, but as opposed to those cars petrol performance should hit 36-38 road mpg and also a 6-speed automated gearbox will manage moving responsibilities, delivering power to the top side tires.