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Auto transport guidelines to save dollars

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Ever since, the emergence of auto transports companies, shipping a car from one place to another has become secure and fast. Even though auto transporters are the best option to ship your cars, you need to follow certain guidelines to make it safer and affordable. Especially when it comes to transport your expensive cars, you need to be more careful. Here are a few things you need to follow to save your dollars:

Prepare your car:
The first and the best way to save money on your car transport is to make your car fully prepared for transportation. This involves:
• Cleaning and washing off your car
• Checking fluid level, tire pressure and other auto parts.
• Removing unwanted things from car. This saves you a lot as vehicle’s weight is one among the major factors that decide auto transport rates.
• Thoroughly inspecting your car and having a record of the damages if any prior to handling over the keys to auto transporters.

Choosing the service:
Choose the service based upon your shipping needs. If you are shipping an ordinary car better you go for open trailers. Open trailers are cheaper as compared to enclosed one and avoid spending more than enough.
If you need to save further then go for terminal to terminal shipping as they are more economical then door to door.

Book early and avoid shipping during snowbirds seasons
Transporting your car during snowbird seasons can cost more. Better avoid shipping during such seasons unless under..

Read More: unavoidable conditions.  Book your order as early as possible as it helps you to save a lot.