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The New Modern BMW X1 SAV 2013 Car Model

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012


The new BMW X1 SAV 2013 car model it is the perfect combine of sports sedan-like energetic dynamics and SUV utility in markets about the world, the BMW X1 is setting out to conquer the US products. The new modern 2013 BMW X1 will appear in authorized BMW Centers in the fall of 2012 initial at an MSRP of $31,545 (including $895 Goal and Handling).

The popularity of the X1 model around the globe has established so great that X1s for the Chinese business market will at the present is built in a newly opened stand at Tiexi in Shenyang Province. The arrival of the new BMW X1 to the US coincides with and modernize that includes peripheral and interior refinements as fine as a host of BMW capable Dynamics technologies.

BMW Lines are accessible for all models, allowing drivers to modify their new BMW X1 with individual new style based on their personal preferences. The BMW line allows the strong versatility of the sub-compact BMW X model to be most emphasized.