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How To Purchase Cars Online Without Any Hassle

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Buying a car can be a wonderful time. Choosing from the many cars that are available, seeing all of the new technology that has been introduced since the earlier car purchase and taking the car for a test drive can fill a person with a certain sense of excitement and happiness.

However, as with all things in life, with the whole thing good there comes something bad and purchasing a car can bring with it the hassle of spending precious spare time searching around car dealerships for the right car, being harassed by car salespersons and not forgetting the anxiety that can be brought on due to the sum of money that needs to be spent.

Most of these points, though, are only relevant when buying a car in the traditional sense, offline, which makes for purchasing cars online an almost completely harass free process.

As soon as a person decides to buy cars online, there are various options available to them. Auction sites, classified advertisement sections, dedicated for sale areas in car forums. All of them collectively give a vast amount of different cars to choose from. Removing the need to talk to any over assertive sale people or spend days outside looking in dealerships, to purchase cars online is praised by many as the best way to buy a car.

With this in mind, there are certain precautions that should be taken before a person buys a car online and several procedures that must be carried out to ensure that the car advertised is the one that is purchased.

First of all, it is very important that the car is seen in person before any money changes hands. Particularly if purchasing from an online auction site, most sellers will not permit for a person to win the auction and then refuse to purchase the car once they’ve arranged to pay and collect. Due to this reason, it is important in this case to take the time to arrange to view the car to make a judgment on whether it is worth the asking price and it is as described by the vendor.

There are numerous vehicle checks that can be made, which are not just restricted to online car purchase, by buying a report from the government or dedicated vehicle licensing company in the country that the car is registered. These reports normally cost money, but show in-depth information about the car and its history, including whether it has ever been in an accident in which it was written. While the report may cost money, being aware of this information before a car is purchased can make sure that a vehicle that is not as described is not purchased, which can cost a considerably larger amount of money than the report.

It is a common misconception that to buy cars online there needs to be a considerable amount of trust involved from both parties, significantly more so than in an offline sale. However, with the exact amount of research and by making the proper precautions, to buy cars online can be hassle free and can save the car buyer a considerable amount of money.

Have you come across Worlds Costilest Car?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is currently the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive street-legal full production car in the world, with 1001 horsepower, although several faster or more expensive vehicles have been produced on a limited basis. It had reached its full production in September 2005 and its basic cost would be around €1,100,000 (£899,000/$1,550,000) only.

Manufacturer By : Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S
Mother’s company: Volkswagen AG
It’s Production : From 2006–till now (300 to be produced)
It’s Class : Super cars
Body style’s : 2-doors coupe
It’s Layout : Mid-engine, all-wheel drive
It’s Engine : 8.0 L quad-turbocharged W16
It’s Transmission : 7-speed dual clutch sequential manual

If you wish to express yourself as ‘Royal one’ then you need to have this car in your garage since it speaks for it own.

Bugatti Veyron's side view Bugatti Veyron's front viewBugatti Veyron's interior view

Chevy Malibu an Chevrolets 2009 product

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Chevy Malibu

The 2009 Chevy Malibu doesn’t grasp any big changes in the look. Since Chevy 2008 design itself a successful product and so the same concepts will be continuing with added features into this New Year. It is a small sized four door sedan that suits well as a family car or for business. It provides more comfort as well as a stylish exterior look. This car can hold up to five adults i.e., two up front and then three in the back.

Chevy Malibu six features:

Chevy Malibu's Interior

Navigation—Malibu comes with turn by navigation with one year On Star and direction and connection plans in it.

Craftsmanship—World class fit and finish with exterior sleek and crisp lines.

Impressive value—Automatic transmission On Star with one year direction and connection plan XM radio.

Safety—Malibu has earned the highest possible rating in the government frontal and side impact crash test.

ECOTEC 2.4L I-4 VVT Engine—Four cylinder engine provided with six speed automatic transmission offers an EPS estimated with 22 MPG city and 33 highway.

Fuel Economy—Cylinder engine with six speed transmission in 2LT & LTZ Offers an EPA estimated with 33 MPG highway.

Cargo Van new H-1-A product of Hyundai

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Hyundai updates more and more latest cars each day. It has so many products in its showrooms with great look and compact sizes. Latest Hyundai van is the lifeblood of commerce along the country’s highways and byways. This Hyundai van is provided with a spacious cargo area, low running costs and high levels of modification, this is the vehicle that you need.



Also this Cargo van H-1 products is one among the most sale product. Since this H-1 is considered to be an trusted business partner for professionals. Also this car provides more space and still room for morer.

Moreover, these kinds of car give us a giant and a royal look which speaks for its own. For a deep look on Cargo van H-1 product click on the image.

Stop buying cars in Trade-in or else in Installments and know when to buy cars

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Car buying tips:

There are two “best times” to buy a car one is at the end of December and the other is in between July to October. Really this would be a good time for car buyers to buy a new car. Report says that, visitors probably buy car at Christmas so, everyone is busy in buying XMAS gifts, leaving new car dealer lots void of customers, motivating dealers to cut prices, and break year end sales records. As new car dealers sell off cars at low prices to clear space for new car models in between July-October.

Used car buying tips DVD

Used car buying tips DVD

Secret factory to dealer incentives can be $1000-$6000 in adding up to new car consumer rebates! In the year of 2003, in November, BMW had a $5000 secret factory to dealer incentive on the 7 series! If they had sold you the car at invoice, they must have earned $5000 more. So, you should have bargain over this incentive; many dealers willingly give up all or part of this incentive, which makes your cost lower.

One among the best occasion to buy a car is during a rebate. If you the ability to convince the dealer for holdback, then the dealer may drop the prep and ad fees. So watch for rebates and secret incentives rebate which may happen any time.

Buying A New Car

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

A new car is second only to a home as the most expensive purchase   many consumers make. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association,   the average price of a new car sold in the United States as of June 1998 was   $23,480. That’s why it’s important to know how to make a smart deal.

Buying A New Car

Think about what car model and options you want and how much you’re willing   to spend. Do some research. You’ll be less likely to feel pressured into making   a hasty or expensive decision at the showroom and more likely to get a better   deal.

Consider these suggestions:
1. Check publications at a library or bookstore, or on the Internet, that discuss new car features and prices. These may provide information on the dealer’s costs for specific models and options.

2. Shop around to get the best possible price by comparing models and prices in ads and at dealer showrooms. You also may want to contact car-buying services and broker-buying services to make comparisons.

3. Plan to negotiate on price. Dealers may be willing to bargain on their profit margin, often between 10 and 20 percent. Usually, this is the difference between the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and the invoice price.

4 .Because the price is a factor in the dealer’s calculations regardless of whether you pay cash or finance your car – and also affects your monthly payments – negotiating the price can save you money.

5 .Consider ordering your new car if you don’t see what you want on the dealer’s lot. This may involve a delay, but cars on the lot may have options you don’t want – and that can raise the price. However, dealers often want to sell their current inventory quickly, so you may be able to negotiate a good deal if an in-stock car meets your needs.

Learning the Terms
Negotiations often have a vocabulary of their own. Here are some terms you may hear when you’re talking price.

1. Invoice Price is the manufacturer’s initial charge to the dealer. This usually is higher than the dealer’s final cost because dealers receive rebates, allowances, discounts, and incentive awards. Generally, the invoice price should include freight (also known as destination and delivery). If you’re buying a car based on the invoice price (for example, “at invoice,” “$100 below invoice,” “two percent above invoice”), and if freight is already included, make sure freight isn’t added again to the sales contract.

2. Base Price is the cost of the car without options, but includes standard equipment and factory warranty. This price is printed on the Monroney sticker.

3. Monroney Sticker Price (MSRP) shows the base price, the manufacturer’s installed options with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the manufacturer’s transportation charge, and the fuel economy (mileage). Affixed to the car window, this label is required by federal law, and may be removed only by the purchaser.

4. Dealer Sticker Price, usually on a supplemental sticker, is the Monroney sticker price plus the suggested retail price of dealer-installed options, such as additional dealer markup (ADM) or additional dealer profit (ADP), dealer preparation, and undercoating.

Financing Your New Car

If you decide to finance your car, be aware that the financing obtained by the dealer, even if the dealer contacts lenders on your behalf, may not be the best deal you can get. Contact lenders directly. Compare the financing they offer you with the financing the dealer offers you. Because offers vary, shop around for the best deal, comparing the annual percentage rate (APR) and the length of the loan. When negotiating to finance a car, be wary of focusing only on the monthly payment. The total amount you will pay depends on the price of the car you negotiate, the APR, and the length of the loan.

Sometimes, dealers offer very low financing rates for specific cars or models, but may not be willing to negotiate on the price of these cars. To qualify for the special rates, you may be required to make a large down payment. With these conditions, you may find that it’s sometimes more affordable to pay higher financing charges on a car that is lower in price or to buy a car that requires a smaller down payment.

Before you sign a contract to purchase or finance the car, consider the terms of the financing and evaluate whether it is affordable. Before you drive off the lot, be sure to have a copy of the contract that both you and the dealer have signed and be sure that all blanks are filled in.

Some dealers and lenders may ask you to buy credit insurance to pay off your loan if you should die or become disabled. Before you buy credit insurance, consider the cost, and whether it’s worthwhile. Check your existing policies to avoid duplicating benefits. Credit insurance is not required by federal law. If your dealer requires you to buy credit insurance for car financing, it must be included in the cost of credit. That is, it must be reflected in the APR. Your state Attorney General also may have requirements about credit insurance. Check with your state Insurance Commissioner or state consumer protection agency.

Trading in Your Old Car

Discuss the possibility of a trade-in only after you’ve negotiated the best possible price for your new car and after you’ve researched the value of your old car. Check the library for reference books or magazines that can tell you how much it is worth. This information may help you get a better price from the dealer. Though it may take longer to sell your car yourself, you generally will get more money than if you trade it in.

Considering a Service Contract

Service contracts that you may buy with a new car provide for the repair of certain parts or problems. These contracts are offered by manufacturers, dealers, or independent companies and may or may not provide coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember that a warranty is included in the price of the car while a service contract costs extra.

Before deciding to purchase a service contract, read it carefully and consider these questions:

1. What’s the difference between the coverage under the warranty and the coverage under the service      contract?
2. What repairs are covered?
3. Is routine maintenance covered?
4. Who pays for the labor? The parts?
5. Who performs the repairs? Can repairs be made elsewhere?
6. How long does the service contract last?
7. What are the cancellation and refund policies?

Top 10 Indian Cars

Monday, June 29th, 2009

1. Hyundai Santro

The Santro is basically the champion of the road

Hyndai SantroHyundai Santro is one of the most popular cars. It is the great combination of fuel economy, power, ride comfort, reliability and performance. The Hyundai is powered by 1086 cc Epsilon engine that results in improved fuel efficiency, reduced emission, increased power and reduced maintenance costs. The timely styling updates of Hyundai, the Santro still looks and feels quite contemporary.

2. Maruti Suzuki Swift

Technology you’ll love to drive. A non-stop excitement.

Maruti Suzuki SwiftMaruti Suzuki was first unveiled at the 2002 Paris Motor Show. Since its launch in May 2005, Swift has made a statement in the automobile market with its style, performance and handling. It is a compact car with a fresh design and dynamic features like small hatchbacks, nondescript styling and spacious interiors. Maruti Swift is an eye-catching, more refined and user-friendly car that gives a pleasurable experience while driving. Maruti Suzuki Swift has made waves and has a long list of awards. It has won the Car of the Year 2006 award. Swift is also listed as one of the best-looking cars on sale in India today.

3. Tata Indigo

Spoil yourself in the Luxury of Fuel Efficient Tata Indigo

Tata IndigoTata Indigo had redefined the style of driving dynamics. It has started a new era of comfort, style and power performance. One can’t deny the fact that that the Tata Indigo offers power performance for your buck. The car is equipped with improved interior upholstery, hi-end music system, latest communication technology, front seat with built-in LCD screen teamed with advanced 1.4 litre engines. Tat Indigo is one notch ahead of others with its cabin space, fuel economy and ride comfort.

4. Honda City

Dare to Explore the Niche of Honda City

Honda CityThe Honda City is an astounding car. Longer, wider and sturdier- Honda City is one of those very few cars that has elevated the driving experience. The car measures 4420 mm in length longer and 1695 mm in width. The Honda City has sleeker and sturdier body shape. Its extended wheelbase creates a spacious cabin interior and makes efficient use of space for both the driver and the occupants.

5. Skoda Octavia RS

Feel the Comfort, Sporty Aggressiveness and Pleasure in RS

Skoda Octavia RSSkoda Octavia RS is all about fuel efficiency, ride comfort, refinement and cabin space. It has enough power for life at full throttle, but can be a comfortable and safe companion when you need to slow down and relax. The car is a head-banging rock and roll bravo. Skoda Octavia RS has enough power for life at full throttle. It is spacious, comfortable and safe companion to speed up and slow down.

6. Mahindra Scorpio CRDe

Mahindra Scorpio CRDeIt Takes the Rough with the Smooth and Keeps Going Where Others Can’t…

Mahindra and Mahindra popular for its jeep have come a long way in a last decade. They have evolved with bigger and better cars models. The Mahindra Scorpio CRDe is the feather on the M&M hat. It has received overwhelming success and is one of the best SUV. It has stylish front radiator grill and bumper.

7. Honda Accord

Honda AccordHonda Accord – Overflowing with Luxury Excellent Fit and Finish and Technological Creativity

Honda Accord is indigenously simple yet powerful. One can’t stop gushing at the sheer appeal of the car. Honda Accord looks good, spacious and comfortable. High-Performance look and wide-opening doors for easy entry and exit and supple leather trim with plenty interior room are some of its appealing features.

8. Chevrolet Tavera

Chevrolet TaveraChevrolet Tavera- Spacious, Comfortable and Fuel Efficient Muv

Chevrolet Tavera is a multi-utility vehicle that has gained widespread reputation for its refinement, comforts and fuel-efficiency. The car is reasonably- priced which makes a lot of sense. The Tavera with its stylish interior and bold outlook is ruling everyone’s heart. Chevrolet Tavera promises reliability and assurance to the buyers.

9. Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova- Owner’s Pride for Its Contemporary Styling and High Levels of Refinement

Toyota InnovaToyota Innova is popularized with its design, comfort, safety and new innovative features. Innova most appealing feature is its accommodation capacity for eight people. It has trend setting design and its interior is equipped with surrounding cabin, door bottle holder, mobile charger, adjustable passenger’s and driver’s seats, chrome plated door inside handle. The exterior of the Innova car include superior multi reflector headlamps and towering height.

10. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz- Packed with Luxury and Performance

Mercedes-Benz is a series of the largest Sedans. It has advanced safety systems and smart interior features. The car has introduced the S-Class first airbag supplemental restraint systems, and electronic stability program.

First Time Car Buying

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

If you are an adolescent in high school, or a college student with no recognized credit history, there are a number of barriers in the way to your entry into car possession. When you are young and unbeatable, you have all these glittery eyed dreams about the car you are going to get, then realism sets in, as concepts you never had to deal with before abruptly leap out of no where to crush your dream and knock you back down to earth.

How are you going to pay for your new car? Have you gotten insurance quotes? Who will finance you? Now you have to pay $80 a month in gas, and there are oil changes, new batteries to buy, and other unanticipated expenses. We advise all car buyers to purchase a car that you can afford to pay off in four years. You must also put down 20% on the car to keep from receiving upside down, where you owe more on the car than it is worth. If you cannot put down 20% on the car, then do not buy that car. You must buy a car in which you can afford to put down 20%. There is no room for arrogance or indignant responses here; it’s a mathematical fact of life. Every person who breaks this rule runs into problem when they trade in their car later. You never ever want to be in the position of owing more than your car is worth. If you determine that you can afford a new car, then make sure you enter new car dealers with The Folder of competitive new car price quotes, or you’ll overpay by thousands.

Buying a new a car from dealer

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Car buying is very complicated, and for many people it’s unlikable, and for good quality of cause. Brand New cars are pure purchase and assured reduction, excluding in the rarest of position. On top of it, car loans are slanted so you pay mostly interest at first, so you don’t have much impartiality in the means of transportation — anything its worth — for a extended time. So of course it’s threatening, but you can do it with our help. The secret is considerate where the dealer’s profit comes from — and knowing when it’s time to forget about all that and shop as you would for a good deal on any product.

Though the procedure can be difficult, buying a new car shouldn’t be thought of as a war between purchaser and retailer; in its place, it’s a business negotiation — not anything more, not anything less. The sooner consumers know this, the better off they will be.

As you start the preparations to buy a new car, understand that getting the best probable deal requires a good amount of research and take plenty of time. You may need to do a cost-benefit investigation that weighs your time and effort versus the difference between the invoice price and suggested retail. Without investing any time in explore or haggle effort, expect to pay the manufacturer suggested retail price for the vehicle and possibly more for finance and add-on items.

You should read thoroughly all of this comprehensive guide before you start shopping. Seriously, all of it. It is detailed and big — as it needs to be. Thanks to, this guide costs you nothing. If you can’t bother to invest the occasion in interpretation the whole thing, you’re off to a rotten start in the car-buying process, and your results will be predictable

Before discussions Start
Before you contact with the dealer at all, come to a decision which vehicle you’re interested in and how much u going to pay for it. This guide can help you to get started, as well as help you avoid confusion later.

Online Tips for the Purchase of A Used Car

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Purchase of A Used CarThe modern day world is centered round the computer and the internet. Today many people opt to do transactions through the internet rather than personally go about buying or selling things. Things have now become comparatively easy with many sites offering their services for buying and selling various things. Used cars can also be purchased through the internet. The advantage of these online sites is that you can purchase the car that you can get the best deal. You can also get the ideal car to suit your needs and your budget. You can choose the type of car you want, a very old used car, or a fairly newer one, or a vintage model. You can also choose the manufacturer, the make and the model. All this can be done sitting at home, at the click of a mouse. The car you require may be sold by an individual, a car dealer or a car auction. Be careful of sites that are frauds.

  1. Before buying a car and going to the online site, be sure of the type of car you need. You should know how often you will use it, whether you are buying if for your own self or for the family, whether you have the finances for buying the car, whether you can afford to spend regularly on its maintenance. The answers will determine which car will suit you according to the mileage that it gives and your budget. You should keep in mind that you have to include the insurance, the road tax and other costs into the budget. You should also shop around for the lowest interest rates, if you are going to take a loan.
  2. With this information you can go to the online site and check out the car you like. You will get details about cars along with their pictures. Then you should contact the seller. You should get his landline phone number along with his mobile number. You should find out about the history of the car. This includes the car’s service and damage history. You should know about the make, the model, the year of manufacture, the transmission etc. of the car. You can also ask for a picture of the inside of the car. If the car has been properly maintained, the value of the used car will be more. If it has been involved in accidents or has had some damage done to it, the value of the car should be less. You should also see how the engine functions in a used car. You should check if the description given by the seller matches the photos posted by him. Get the vehicle identification number. With this you can check out the condition of the car by getting a CarFax report.
  3. Choose at least five cars from the online sites that sell used cars. Gather all the details about these cars from various sources. Do not rush into buying a car. Wait and do a thorough research, and get the car that fits your needs and your budget. You should find out about the price offered by the seller. You should try to negotiate the price. Find out who will pay for the shipping charges and negotiate the price of the shipping also.
  4. Before deciding the price, it is best to consult the Kelly Blue Book or the Edmund’s website to know the true value of the car you have decided to purchase. The price given in the site might not include the various taxes and other fees that might have to be paid.
  5. After having decided on the car and the price, it would be best to check out the car in person. You should examine the inside and outside of the car, take it for a test drive and get a mechanic to check it. Then you should see that the owner has all the necessary papers like the registration, vehicle identification, the log book and the service history of the car.
  6. After you are satisfied with all the above factors, you can buy the car. After the payment is made, get a receipt with the signature of the seller with the address and car details. Have two copies – one for the seller and one for yourself. If you cannot go directly and see the car, online transaction is possible.