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Car Leasing Versus Car Buying

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Car leasing versus car buying is many people’s dilemma. Purchasing a car is hardly a luxury in our society, where it often represents the only relaxing and efficient option for transportation. Having said that, it remains one of the largest expenses in one’s budget. If you need some points on how to buy a car, then read on.

A continuous debate centers on whether it is more beneficial to purchase or whether to lease. There are positive to both sides. People normally buy a brand new car. It can feel absolutely fabulous to buy a totally new car. You will be reminded every month by your bills that that car is costing a pretty penny and you want to feel that it was worth it.

That feeling of claiming ownership to something is beyond price sometimes. And whenever you are done with the car, or move away and plan to leave it, it is yours to sell and recuperate some of the costs. Conversely, you will need to have quite a bit of money in order to drive away in it. With time that car will need more repairs, meaning that you will be forking cash over to keep it running.

And the crossroads again: car leasing vs. car buying? How to choose?

Used cars are another option for those who wish to own the car. As soon as you buy that car, it depreciates noticeably in value. Lots of people try to find a nearly brand new car in order to save a little. This is the best way to get a deal, as there is little mileage clocked and the price has come down drastically. With the Internet, it should not be a problem to explore your options online. Internet is a great source for that.

The other debate is about leasing, what is better: car leasing versus car buying. Some find it essential to have ownership over the car and plan on using it for many years. However, you need to have the money for a down payment. The terms of a lease permit you to own the car for the period of the contract and only if you continue to pay the monthly fees.

If the lease becomes inconvenient for you and you desire to call it quits, it will cost you to have luxury of doing so. Also, you need to keep the car in good condition. Conversely, the cost of maintenance is not your worry. It is ideal for people who want a hassle-free car experience.

Tips to Buy a Vehicle

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Before you buy a car, you have to make sure out on certain essential aspects of owning a car. Having done so, you can rest assured of a hassle free ownership.

Be sure about your budget. Curb the temptation to exceed the amount you can afford. If you do exceed, you need to curtail some other expenses or have to invite trouble in terms of regular monthly installments. Choose the best plan which suits you.

Decide on the type of car you would like to buy. Make up your mind on whether you want a 4 door sedan or a 6 people van. If you wish to buy a car just for the sake of transportation, then avoid buying luxurious cars. If it is for personal love of cars then you can go for a SUV or Sports Car.

Once you make a decision on the type of car you want you can go out looking for different brands available in the market. If you are looking for Lexus IS, also take a look at the BMW 3 series, Nissan G35, Cadillac CTS and Acura TL. Compare car prices and notice the difference. At times the difference may be a lot of money.

Though you should always buy a new car, don’t forget to research online on how much more a new car costs over the same model of a used car cost. Do your research with as many dealers as possible. This is just to gather a comprehensive idea about the market value of the car you are going to buy after it gets old. If you are lucky you may run into a used car which is as good as the new one, but at a price far cheaper than a new one.

Try to collect more information about the cars insurance. Cars of different brands but of the same class have different insurance rates. At all times take insurance cost into account while comparing cars.

Do not forget to enquire about the maintenance cost too. Maintenance cost for cars differ for different car. Benz for instance, charges over $100 for oil change whereas Toyota charges just $25. In the long run maintenance cost can pinch you severely.

It is essential to know about the mileage of the car you are going to buy. A good car with good mileage saves a lot on your expenses.

The last thing you want to seek information about is the warranty. Look at what the warranty covers and compare with it other car companies.

Tips to Buy an used Car

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Buying a car, whether it is a first-time purchase or not, it seems to be like a daunting task. You’ve probably seen your share of car commercials on television and recall hearing phrases like “down payment” and “APR.” Although a few of the terminology may seem confusing, once you break it down, buying a car is pretty straightforward.

There is surely a lot of information you need to be aware of before you run off to your local dealership. However once you know what the acronyms mean and how car financing works, you’ll be prepared to get the best possible price on the car you’ve chosen.

In this article, we will discuss used and new car purchasing, what you should know before you decide to buy, how to stay away from common pitfalls, getting the best price and what to do if you have a trouble with your purchase.

The first thing you must decide before you start your automobile research is whether you want a new car or a used car. Obviously, there are benefits as well as drawbacks on both sides. If you decide to buy a used car, there are various things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, there are more than 2 million car accidents every year and chances are if you are in the market for a used car, you’ll come in contact with at least one automobile that was in an accident. The most essential thing about buying a used car is that you know everything about the history of the car, including:

• The total number of previous owners.

• If the car was ever involved in any accident.

• Any previous mechanical problems.

• The maintenance history of the car.

One of the largest benefits of buying a used car is that you can frequently get a great deal and in many cases, the car you buy could even be relatively new. Successful used car buyers often are just as happy with their used car as new car buyers are with a new vehicle.

But keep in mind; the most common car-buying horror stories do involve the purchase of used cars. When you’ve a good idea of what kind of car best fits your needs and budget, you can begin your study on used cars.

2010 Senner Audi R8 Super Sport Car

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

New and used Car selling and buying tips Car Dealership Secrets
Senner Tuning Ingelheim from Mainz, Germany, has unveiled a latest upgrade program for the Audi R8. The Senner Super Sport is based on the Audi R8 4.2 V8 FSI and the Super Sport Concept Program consists in uprating, exhaust system modification, body adjustable sport suspension and in special 20″ wheel set. For those who be fond of power Senner Tuning also offers engine performance tuning. Thanks to latest engine management, the use of special sport air filter inserts as well as high quality exhaust system of finest high-grade steel with valve control, engine power increases up to 458 hp (horsepower). At the identical time maximum torque reaches breathtaking 470 Nm.

New and used Car selling and buying tips Car Dealership Secrets
For R8 wheel upgrading Senner Tuning offers rims of special configuration. 9×20″ otherwise 11×20″ diamond/black/polished two-part twin spoke alloy rims are completed by high performance (SportMaxx) 235/30-R-20 or 305/25-R-20 Dunlop tyres correspondingly. Perfectly tuned sport suspension springs get Audi about 25 mm closer to the asphalt on the front axle and 15 mm on the rear axle.

New and used Car selling and buying tips Car Dealership Secrets
Super Sport Concept retrofitting includes engine performance tuning also wheelwork is available for just 14,900.00 Euros.

New and used Car selling and buying tips Car Dealership Secrets
New and used Car selling and buying tips Car Dealership Secrets

Used Car Selling Guidelines on the Internet

Monday, December 7th, 2009

The internet has become a great place to buy and sell new as well as used automobiles. In a matter of minutes, you can advertise your automobile for sale by posting your ad on a variety of paid as well as free classified ad systems. Compared to traditional newspaper advertising, selling your car on the Internet can be easy, fast and can save your money as well.

The following are some simple tips for selling your car on the Internet:

Research your selling price

Part of a successful sale involves a reasonable price which buyers will be concerned in submitting an offer on. If your selling price is too high, buyers might not be interested in contacting you at all. Initially begin by researching your local newspaper for prices for your used vehicle; you might be surprised to find a wide range in price for the particular make as well as model of your vehicle.

Create an Email selling account

At times you may receive rubbish emails, you may want to separate your sales inquiries from your personal or business email account. Move your vision to Google Mail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail for a free email account where you can receive inquiries and emails about the items you are selling.

Photo ads sell

People online desire to see what they are buying. People look for color, condition and any additional accessories that your motor vehicle may have. Though you may not need to post your entire car or truck photos, take as many pictures of your car in case a buyer wants to see more photos of your sales item.

Point out that it is a private sale or for sale by owner in your ad

A few people like to deal with people direct and may be apprehensive if they know they will be dealing with a dealership. Not to speak anything about automotive dealerships, but it is just a matter of personal choice.

Selling a car in private also ensures that you will get the best possible price and the purchaser will get the best possible deal.

Get your car ready

Thoroughly clean your car or truck inside and out. Buyers are in love with a clean vehicle and it makes a great impression. Consider spending some capital on having it professionally detailed.

Provide a lot of information in your ad

Buyers desire to know all about your car: when was it built, are you the original owner, how many miles or kilometers on the vehicle, has the engine been rebuilt and a lot. Listing lots of information in your ad shows that you pay attention to detail and that you have nothing to put out of sight when selling your car.

If you have photos of the vehicle posted on a site somewhere, provide a link to that site. Point out to the potential buyer how to contact you; by email or by phone. Optional is to list where the car is located as a result that people can come and view it at their leisure. A few auto sellers even indicate what their viewing times are: mornings, evenings or in weekends.

Don’t be afraid to put OBO (or best offer) in your ad. This tells car buyers that you are ready to negotiate the price of the vehicle and that you are ready to sell your car.

Advertise your car along with its details on internet car classified systems

There are lots of paid and free car classified ad system on the Internet where you can post your used car ad to. A few will accept photos while others simply offer a text ad. At first start out by searching for local ads in your city or state.

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