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Tips for Finding a Good Used Car Online

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

The internet has now become a good place to shop for everything. This also goes for used cars. There are many websites that you can search for the used car that will best serve your needs. There are certain rules you should follow to get the best used car suitable for your needs and your budget.

1. First you should be aware of your needs. You should know what car you are interested, your budget, the money you can spend on maintaining the car etc. You should also shop around for the lowest interest rates, if you are going to take a loan.

2. With this information on hand, you should choose a website that is trusted. There are sites that are frauds. There are many online sites that are trustworthy and noted for giving the best service. These sites generally give you the details of the car, the make, the manufacture, the model with pictures that can help you decide on the car of your choice. You should check to see if the details of the car match the pictures that have been posted online. The online sites will be able to get you in touch with the seller. The seller might be an individual, a dealer or a used car auction dealer.

3. You should see a few online sites and get details of at least five cars that suit your tastes. You should do a thorough research on these cars. You should know how much you can pay for it. For this you can consult the Kelly Blue Book, or the Edmund’s website. These sites might give you the valuation of the car. This might not include the taxes and other charges you might have to pay. With the details in hand you should decide which one you like the best.

4. The, you should get the phone number (the landline and mobile number) and talk to the person who is selling the car. You should ask for pictures of the inside and outside of the car. You should get the history of the car – this includes its service history and its damage history. You should also know if it has any mechanical problems. The condition of the engine is very important. You should also know how the interior of the car has been kept. The value of the car will depend on how the car has been maintained by the seller.

5. You should get the vehicle identification number of the car from the owner. With this you can get a CarFax report on the car you are interested in. This will give you details whether it has been involved in an accident and the condition of the car. You can then find out if the owner is truthful.

6. It would be best to visit the seller and check out the car personally. You can examine the interior and exterior of the car. You can take it for a test drive and also have it checked by a mechanic. This will give you a clear picture of the condition of the car.

7. Then the price should be negotiated. If it has to be shipped, you should also negotiate the shipping charges.

8. The seller should hand over to you – the log book, the service history, the vehicle identification number, the registration papers and the MOT details.

After you are satisfied with all these dealings, you can pay for the car. The receipt should be signed with the address of the seller and details of the car. The buyer and the seller should have copies of it. If you cannot go personally and see the car and make the payment, you can also do it online.

With these points in view you can definitely get the best used car for your needs.

The Secret of Used Car Sales

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Used Car SalesThe secret of selling a used car lies in selling it to the best buyer who is interested in the car. Some people feel that it is difficult to sell a used car. That is not so. Many people cannot afford to go in for a new car. They might not have the necessary finances. They might want a used car that will satisfy their needs.

1. The first secret is to know about the car you are selling. You should do some research. You should go to the internet or any dealer and give the details of your car and its condition. You should mention its make, model, year of manufacture etc. and get to know the price they are offering. You will have a fair idea of its condition and how you will get for it. You can also refer to the Kelley Blue Book and the Edmunds website for determining the value of your used car.

2. If the car has any problems, and you think you might not get the best value without fixing it, you should fix it. The car should look good to the buyer. The outside should be polished without any dents being visible. The interior of the car should look good without the upholstery being frayed and dull. The doors and the windows should be in good condition. The mechanical parts of the car, right from the engine, the transmission to the other parts should be in proper working condition. Other accessories such as the air conditioning and the radio should also be working. Each part will be scrutinized by the buyer. The secret of selling the used car would be in keeping everything in order, so that the best price can be negotiated.

3. All the important papers regarding the car, including the registration number, the vehicle identification number, the service record and the MOT details should be available to the purchaser at the time of the sale. If there is a problem, the buyer will not be ready to buy the car. With these details the buyer might want to do a research before buying the car..

4. While selling the used car, the secret lies in being truthful about the condition of the car. He should accept if the car has been involved in some accident. The buyer might have many questions regarding the car. The secret is in making the buyer comfortable and getting the confidence of the buyer and giving him the correct details about the condition of the car. This will save a lot of trouble.

5. Armed with this knowledge about your car, knowing you can satisfy the buyer, you can place an advertisement in the internet; go to a dealer or a used car auction. There you will be in touch with the persons interested in buying the car. When the person contacts you, in person, over the phone or via e mail, be sure to make a good impression in the way you project your used car. Give the sale a personal touch. A person buying the car should feel it has been used with care by the previous owner.

6. To get a better deal, you can also get your car certified and sell it as a pre-owned car. This way, the car will be in a good condition at the time of sale. For this it would be best to go through a dealer who will be responsible if there is any problem with the car in the future.

7. After deciding on the sale price and completing the negotiations, it would be right to get a receipt. The receipt should be signed by the seller and should have his address and the details of the car. This would be right way to close the deal.

Even though used cars are sold on websites and by dealers, the best method would be to see the buyer and have a say in it. Thus, the secret of used car sales is in making the buyer comfortable and giving all the details about the car so that there are no problems in the future.