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How to improve the quality of a car delivery?

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Car delivery has to be done to suit to the convenience of the buyer. The car dealer should be able to provide quality service when delivering the car. Sometimes, the buyer might want to take the delivery of the car immediately, at other times he might want to take it much later.

The time of delivery varies according to the car the buyer has chosen, whether a new car or a used car. The buyer should know when to pick up the car. He will have to wait for about six weeks if he is ordering a new car. It has to come from the factory. Used cars will be ready for him in about two weeks, as there will be no waiting time. If he is buying from a private party, he will get the car soon, as the owner might want to sell the car as quickly as possible. If any work has to be done on the car, either servicing or any additional fittings, the buyer should give time for the job to be done perfectly.

You should always stay in contact with the seller to be able to take the delivery of the car whenever necessary. The time when the delivery of a car is taken can be a thrilling moment for the owner. This is a time to look forward to the feel of driving home a new car.

To improve the quality of the delivery of a new car some points should be kept in mind

It is wise to pay a deposit amount when booking the car and then paying the rest of the money after inspecting the car, at the time of delivery. Even if you are buying a new car, there are many issues to be looked into. It would have first left the factory and shipped by the transporter, to the car dealer. Things would have been taken care of in the pre-delivery inspection when the car is checked for any mechanical faults and also damage to the body of the car. In some cases some problem might arise just before you take the delivery of the car. So, it is necessary to be cautious and inspect thoroughly.

At the time of taking delivery of the car, the invoice should be checked to ensure that you are getting what you asked for. Even if by mistake the order code or some number is typed incorrectly, the buyer might not get what he wants. So, it is better to check the invoice and mark all the things that tally with the order form that you had signed.

The body should be examined carefully to see if any damage has occurred during the transportation. It should be noted what was checked when the vehicle was brought to the dealer and if any repair work has been recorded. You could get an experienced engineer to check the car if you feel that you will not be able to know what to check in a new car.

You should check the mileage on the car to know whether it has clocked more miles than the ’delivery mileage’ that is less than 100miles on a new car. You should get the owner’s manual, the warranty and the service schedule from the dealer of the car. You should also find out whom to contact when you need to service your car. The car should be taken for a test drive and the exterior and interior of the car should be checked.

If you feel that you have not got the car you had ordered, you should reject it, since it amounts to a breach in contract.

To improve the quality of the delivery of a used car some points should be kept in mind.

The important thing is to know the history of the car. The details such as service records, bills, owner’s manuals and other important documents that go with a car should be asked for and obtained at the time of delivery. This will be useful when you want to sell the car at a later date. The body of the car should be inspected for any dents and damages. If you think that any damage has occurred recently, ask them to repair it and then only take delivery. The balance that has to be paid should only be paid after an inspection and after you are thoroughly satisfied. The car should be taken for a test drive and inside of the car, thoroughly checked. You should also get the warranty information on the car.

If you are buying a car from a private party and not from a dealer, be doubly careful, for you do not have any legal comeback. You should do all the checking possible on the car and then only accept it.

To improve the quality of a car delivery, you should know check all the details mentioned above and get possession of the car.