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Guidelines and Rules When Buying a Used Car

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Buying a used car is the economical way to own a car as the price of new cars is continuously increasing. Even though there are many benefits in buying a used car, you should know the guidelines and rules when buying a used car. Knowing such things will be useful for bargaining with the car dealer or the car owner.

Some of the guidelines and rules you must know when buying a used car are as follows:

Search for used cars – You can find all brands/models of used cars at websites dedicated for used-car sales. Search for a used car by make, model, price, location, year of manufacture and mileage information, etc. Make note of the models you are interested with.

Find out the right car for you – Find the right car for you from the interested ones based on the price and your budget. Ask the right questions – Inquire about the reason for selling the car and the history of the car. Ask the owner of the car or the car dealer plenty of questions such as: Why are you selling? How old is the car? How many previous owners were there? Do you have the maintenance records? Has the car met with any accidents or damage? Arrange the finance in advance – Arrange the finance required for buying the used car either as cash or through loan before buying the car. This helps you to avoid the payment problems. Make a thorough inspection of the car – Use a good and experienced mechanic to assess the car before buying it. Make a thorough assessment of both the interior and exterior of the car. Never avoid a test drive – Once you choose a used car, request the dealer for a test drive. Know the details of how to make a test drive and how to inspect the car before inspecting and test driving the car.

Don’t get carried away with emotion and be aware of typical car dealer games while you inspect or test drive the vehicle. See how the car drives and feels to you, and then make your decision whether to buy the car or not. Make sure whether the car has all the essential records – Check whether the car has all the records such as registration documents, maintenance records, roadworthy certificate, etc. Make sure the registration documents have the correct seller’s name and address. Verify the service history of the car with care. Make a cool and cost-effective deal – Negotiation is the secret to save money. Never be in a feel to somehow close the deal. Think twice and start to negotiate based on the vehicle assessment result. Be cool and polite when you negotiate. If unhappy, walk away as you can always find another vehicle easily. Make sure the seller gives all promises as written statement – Be sure that all the promises and warranties are given in writing. Some warranties are useful and others are useless. Read all the written promises and warranties carefully. If you are unsure of anything, never hesitate to ask the dealer to explain it until you are clear. Make sure to pay only essential fees – Understand and determine what additional fees such as sales tax fees, license fees are added in addition to the sticker price, prior to your purchase. Never agree to pay any unwanted fees. Buying a car is a big financial commitment. Hence it is important to carefully consider your budget and the value of the car which will change over time. If you follow the essential rules, do your research, shop around, and ask for the right price, you will find the right used car for you.