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How to Sell used car online?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

It is a good decision to sell a used car through an online classified ad as you will then have the opportunity to reach a very much larger audience of prospective buyers. You will certainly not be able to get your message across to such a large number of buyers relying on traditional advertising methods. Most people search the web for used cars. If your car is not listed in a used car classifieds site in addition to newspapers, you could have a tough time selling your car. For you to successfully sell your used car through online ad, you need to do a few things so that your efforts are not wasted.

The first thing is to determine your asking price and the best way to arrive at the right price is to consult a car values book, and other existing online classified car ads for similar vehicles. You may also consider taking your car to a lot to see what a dealer would offer, and then incorporate all of this information into your asking price when you post your ad.

Make sure that your ad contains all information regarding the body style, model, and year of your used car, as well as the engine size, color, and mileage. If the car has any minor defects, make it a point not to suppress them as the buyer will in any case find that out while he inspects your vehicle. Catchy phrases and positive aspects of the used car such as single owner, fuel economy, well maintained, and low mileage will create the required impact on the ad readers more than comments about any imperfections that can be easily fixed.

After you have arrived at a realistic price in conformity with market norms and posted an effectively worded ad, the next step is to prepare your vehicle for sale. Have your car professionally cleaned and try to keep it in as presentable a condition as possible. Instead of spending money on major repairs, which will likely cost you more than the price that you will receive for the car, be honest about the condition of your car, both while writing the ad as well as when the buyer visits you.

Once your ad is posted and your car is ready, it is time to wait for the calls and email inquiries to start rolling in. If the prospective buyer is late or does not show up, do not feel obligated to wait or hold the car for them, just move on to the next person. Check the title transfer procedures and the statutory requirements for your state before you transfer physical ownership of the car, and always demand payment in cash or by certified check to avoid problems.

There are a few more tips for selling your car online. Include a photo of your car in the ad as that will create a lot of impact on the intending buyer. When car shopping, buyers view a plethora of ads and are likely to remember the ads that are attractively worded. Pricing your vehicle competitively is a must. Check prices of similar vehicles on the site and visit the sites below to find the book value of your car. This is what your vehicle is competing against.

It is critical to keep records of all service and repairs performed on your vehicle. Maintenance records give the buyer proof and confidence of the vehicle’s maintenance history. This should include new tires, oil changes, engine repairs, etc.

Know how to buy a right car for you

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

If you are clear in your mind what exactly you expect from your car, then you will be able to quickly identify and decide what will be the right car for you. Think for a while about what use you want to put your car to; how many people you need to regularly transport, what kind of driving do you most often do and how long you drive daily. In too many cases people choose a car sentimentally because it has an eye-catching style or color or it is the latest and most popular model. If you go in this direction, you may either break your budget or have to go car shopping again soon.

There are also other factors you need to consider before you decide the right car for you – do you want a manual or automatic transmission; do you really need four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive; what safety features do you expect; do you require a lot of cargo-carrying capacity; will the car easily fit in your garage or parking area.

Before you decide to buy the right car, you need to arrive at a realistic monthly payment that will fit into your budget your affordability is a crucial factor. Generally, the thumb rule is your total monthly car payments should not exceed 20 percent of your monthly take-home pay. Buying a car may be more expensive initially and the monthly payments are higher. But at the end of the loan period, you will own a car you can still drive or sell.

Nowadays, there are a variety of ways to own a car that it has become difficult just choosing between a new or used vehicle or “preowned” vehicle as car marketers prefer to call used models. The decision today is more confusing because of the introduction of manufacturer-certified preowned vehicles. With so many car buying options, how can you buy the car you want and still get everything you need? In this computer age, shoppers have access to a wide choice, a great deal of inventory and information than ever before. The pricing information and intense competition available online make it easier for shoppers to find and recognize right purchase.

Before you search on the Internet, consider all the different needs you have and prioritize in order of importance. If you plan to use your vehicle as the primary mode of transportation to commute to work, you’ll accrue plenty of miles, so you’ll need to get a car with no mileage restrictions on it. If you have budgetary constraints and you are not too concerned with the latest improvements in technology, you should be looking into the pre-owned cars market. If you want your car to reflect your position in society, you should be searching the luxury car market. If you spend a great deal of time driving, make frequent long-distance road trips or you plan on sharing your vehicle with a spouse, reliability factor should be uppermost in your decision. If you have small children that you’re going to ride around, a car with a good crash-test rating, airbag protection, sophisticated braking and power control is what will be most important to you. Once you have clearly determined what you want, you will find it easier to shop online for a good deal on a vehicle that fulfills your expectations.

Tips to sell your used car instead of trade

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

If you need to sell your used car realize cash to meet the down payment for your new car, you will have to necessarily trade it in, unless you are extraordinarily lucky to sell your used car quickly at a fair price. Analysts say that there is a ten to twenty percent difference between what a dealer will give you for your used car if you trade-in against what you could get by directly selling your used car .The nagging part is you have to sell your used car yourself and that means a lot of bother as well as the attendant paperwork hassles. But selling your used car will be lot more rewarding and you will certainly be much happier even after undergoing all trouble.

Depending on the age and condition of your car, you can pocket an extra 25,000 to 40,000 or more by selling directly and if you have a later model vehicle, you will stand to gain much more. If you trade your car in, the dealer has to invariably pay to clean it, advertise it and sell it but making a handsome profit. Besides, with today’s online resources, selling your car is much easier. You reach more prospective buyers in your area and across the country, thanks to the Internet and millions of people will see your advertisement. You can even e-mail potential buyers, sending them additional photos or answering their questions about your vehicle. In general, selling your car today is a lot simpler proposition than it was a decade ago.

If your car is in good shape, you might certainly consider selling it directly. If you need to make repairs, though, you need to study how much you are going to invest in the repairs. The truth is you might not fully recover the entire investment. So, weigh the possible cost of repairs against the potential added value. Regardless if you sell or trade in your used car, the fact remains it has to be in good shape.

Try to avoid having strangers come to your home at all odd hours to inspect your car. You should specify in your ad the convenient times to call and other hours you do not wish to be called. If you are selling a used car that has any defect that could make it risky to operate, do not allow unsuspecting buyers to drive the vehicle. Should you have any such problems fix them up before you insert the “used car for sale” ad in the paper or at least indicate in the ad that the vehicle is not currently in operable condition.Playing the game fairly and honestly will save you a lot of bother later on.

You will have to factor in how much time you will require to spend showing your used car to people who are not going to buy it. Another factor in selling your used car is how long you may have to carry two car payments if that happens to be your peculiar situation. Plus, by selling it yourself, the value from your used car cannot be used to pay your new car until the sale proceeds of your old car is realized.

Finally, you may consider a consignment lot to avoid all the bother of selling a used car yourself. For either a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price, the consignment lot will sell the used car for you. They will put the car on its lot, show it to prospective buyers and professionally handle all aspects of the transaction – including the paperwork and title transfer. You deliver your used car to them and collect your check when it is sold. For a lot of people, the fee involved is well worth avoiding all the trouble and physical discomfort you will otherwise have to undergo.