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Buying Used cars are better option

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

When we decide on buying a car, some people decide to buy new cars while others go in for used cars. The main reason for buying used cars is the price. A used car is definitely more affordable. The difference between the price of a new car and a used car is widening. There is a wide variety of used cars to choose from. The used car can now be relied upon to perform well because of pre-certification.

When buying a new car you have to give a down payment of at least 10% on the new car loan, otherwise the monthly payments will be higher. So, it initially costs more to buy a new car. New cars also depreciate in the first few years after it is bought. It starts to depreciate the moment it is driven away from the dealer. It depreciates as much as 30% of its value in the first two years that it is owned.

Most manufacturers have the certified pre-owned cars program. This is gaining popularity with buyers. This trend started with luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz and the Lexus. Generally recently bought cars with low mileage use and cars with no major damage are certified. Such vehicles undergo strict inspection both for their looks and for their roadworthiness. Such cars have a warranty which goes beyond the original manufacturer’s warranty. It covers all the things covered by manufacturer for a new car and also includes roadside help. The manufacturers also offer loans which are generally lower than those for new cars but have rates that are higher than used car loans.

The certified pre-owned cars are more expensive than used cars but are much cheaper than new cars. The higher price is for the peace of mind that one gets and the warranty that covers many features in the car. So, it is a good option to look into this option also. If a buyer is not particular about buying a new car, he should find out about used cars. Car sales, new and old has gone down. There will be a lot of used cars to buy due to slow sales. According to a recent research a new car before taxes and fees cost around $25,000 in 2008. A used car was around $8,000 at the same time.

There are a lot of recent models of used cars. These come with a certification from the manufacturer. The original warranty taken by the first owner can be transferred to the second owner. The second owner can add to the warranty and extend it. Certified pre-owned car thus, now becomes more reliable, durable and affordable. Now, buying a used car that has been certified is not that much of a risk. It is financially not a big burden and you get the benefits of a fairly new car, with certification.

When it comes to choosing between a new car and a used car, nowadays, people opt for a used car with certification. Since this is done by the manufacturers themselves, it holds a lot of value and the car can be taken back to them for any repair or replacements. New cars are a lot more expensive and are not affordable for many and hence people opt to buy used cars. Of course, a lot of research has to be done by finding out about the model of the car you want to buy and the warranty offered on it etc. before you decide to buy a used car.

Best time for buying used cars online

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Many people often ask the best time to buy a used car and the answer can be very simple – buy a used car when you have enough to pay for it without getting loan. It is said that new number plate registrations become available in March and September and lots of people either sell or swap their used car for a new one. This causes an over supply in the market and that pushes used car prices down. Mid-March to early May and Mid-September to early November are therefore regarded as the best times to buy used cars. There are other market experts who believe that the fall season is always the right season for new car buying bargains. Because of sluggish auto sales, manufacturers offer large consumer rebates and cash incentives to unload the 2007 cars, to make room for new 2008 models. In their scramble to buy new cars, many people want to hurriedly dispose of their used cars – even if it means below market values.

But the truth is, the savvy buyer can pick up a great used car deal at any time of the year. The answer to the persistent question of ‘the best time to buy a used car’ is when you find the right car at a price you can afford. You always get the best price when you are ready to take the car home. That end of the month is the right time to buy a used car may not always be true. If this were true, then the car trade would be closed for the first 3/4 of the month and only sell cars in the last week. You need to find a car you like, rather than wait to the end of the month and risk the car you want being sold. There are far too many people who buy cars because they think they view it as a profitable proposition only to trade them 2 years later.

The growing popularity of ‘buy used cars online’ web sites is truly amazing. The old fashioned way of visiting used car lots and poring through the newspaper has been replaced by the click method. When you buy used cars online you are able to set search criteria to automatically hunt down the car you’re looking for – right down to the color and mileage of said vehicle. In today’s scenario, Internet is certainly the best potential place when it comes to finding the best used cars. Sellers prefer to advertise their car on the Internet as they get a maximum and focused reach. Buyers also find Internet the right place for a variety of used car searches. Apart from the online sellers’ websites, the Internet also features invaluable used car information and review on sites such as Kelley Blue Book (for estimated true market value), Consumer Reports (for unbiased reviews) and

These resources will tell you about which used car models top the sales market. Used cars online search provide a wealth of relevant information. While scouting for used cars on internet a potential customer gets numerous valuable inputs. One can start off with his allotted budget, desired model and make. Internet being a swift and steadfast service makes the progression for search much easier than any manual search. One of the major advantages of purchasing used cars on the internet is removal of agents and brokers. This saves a great amount of money for both the buyer and the website as it facilitates direct interaction between the buyer and the seller. While buying used car on internet, a buyer can also compare different prices quotes and different makes and consequently choose the one befitting of his requirement.

Checklist before buying a used car

Friday, September 19th, 2008

While buying a used car check the major components in it. Check that the doors are sealed well to prevent wind and other elements entering the vehicle. See to it that the vehicle has not meet with any accident. Test that the taillights, brake lights and turn signals are working properly. Do see that the side mirrors are not cracked or damaged. Examine that the vehicle’s paint does not have major chips or scratches on the surface. See to it that the struts and tires are working properly.

Replacing the windows and windshield might be costly, so examine are there any cracks or scratches. Do check are there any stains or burns on the carpets and mats. See that the driver’s seat is comfortable while driving. Check that the headliner, lights, pedals, seatbelts, battery, engine work properly. A variety of interior features are there in the vehicle like the stereo system, special heating, air conditioning, ventilation control do check them before buying the car. Lastly, do get the vehicle examined by a mechanic.

How to sell a vehicle

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Before selling your vehicle just know what the market price is. This can be known through classifieds in newspapers or through looking at the websites. After the price of the car is know the other factors that need to known are its mileage, condition, special features. After this find out how to sell through the classified add or through a dealer or through internet. Do a little bit of maintenance work it may increase the price of the car. Show the car to the mechanic and know what has to be repaired in the vehicle. Show the vehicle to the prospective buyer and verify all his doubts. He may tell that he want to show the vehicle to his mechanic then allow him to take the vehicle. But see to it that you know the prospective buyer. When all his verifications are over tell him whether the payment should be made through cheque, cash or any other means. If any negotiation can be done think about it. After the sale is done provide him with all the necessary documents like the transfer of title deed etc.

Excellent tips to sell your car online

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

A quality photo of your car is indispensable when selling your car online. Analysts believe that ads carrying good photos have three times the chances of selling the car fast than ads without photos. When selling car online, buyers view many ads and are likely to remember the ads with photos that appeal and speak to them.Pricing your vehicle competitively is absolutely necessary.Check prices of similar vehicles on the site and visit the sites below to find the book value of your car. This is what your vehicle is competing against and therefore avoid being avaricious when determining the asking price.

You can’t sell your car if you do not know how much it is worth. You could either overprice or under-price and lose either way. Many factors affect a car’s price such as its condition, modifications, market demand, and even external factors like current fuel prices. However, you can use the suggested prices you find from different sources as reference. You can certainly sell your car at a reasonably higher price if you are its first owner, it is in excellent condition and it has a clean history report. It will also help if you kept all its service records because those are some of the first things buyers will usually ask to see whatever you may otherwise claim.

Print out a free For Sale sign from the site. Car Buyers who view this sign can go to the site and view the specs on your vehicle even when you are not available. If they know your vehicle is on the Internet for millions of viewers, it may incline them to act quickly. It is of paramount importance to keep records of all service and repairs performed on your vehicle. Maintenance records give the buyer proof and confidence of the vehicle’s maintenance history. This should include both major and minor repairs, change of tires, oil changes, engine repairs, etc.

Before you decide on the text of your online ad, devote some time and think about what are the plus points which can be used to sell your car online. Highlight those features like low mileage, immaculate engine condition, new tires etc. Read other similar advertisements to collect some useful ideas. See what attracts you to them and then make sure your ad reads the same way. You have to write the ad in advance so that you will not make mistakes when listing the ad. Please know all writing is re-writing because you will get the best results by writing and re-writing the text.

Your vehicle has to look attractive to potential buyers and therefore you have to take pains to wash the exterior and interior of the car and windows should be clean and clear. Check the engine oil and if need be change it. Maintain the ideal tire pressure and make the maintenance record and registration certificates available. When your car changes hands, so will your car documents. Consult your local Vehicle Registration Authority about the required paperwork because document requirements vary from state to state. It’s better to find out about it in advance so that you will be ready when the time comes. It’s also important to find out ahead of time what is involved in selling a car to an out-of-state buyer. Plus, putting your paperwork in order protects you from the beginning if something happens soon after your car is sold.